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1106Lupo provides resources to the performing arts community in Dallas.  We offer rehearsal and audition space, various classes and workshops, as well as provide for the development of new works. 

For any additional information, please call 214-630-7722 or email:

Rental Information




1106 Lupo has 3 private rooms, a kitchen and a common area in its facility.


Large Studio     13’.5” x 30’ – carpeted


Small Studio     10’ x 22’ – carpeted with an upright piano


Library     13’ x 22’ – carpeted


Common Area Lounge – includes a coffee bar, snack bar, sofa, three blue upholstered chairs, 5 stools, a small café table, a small square table and 4 folding chairs.


Small “Kitchen” area –  includes refrigerator, microwave, water dispenser, and other ‘household’ supplies, cups, bowls, some utensils, cleaning supplies, etc.  We try to have water at all times, sodas sometimes.  You can bring whatever food and drinks you want as long as they are all disposed of properly when you are through.  We have a recycle bin and trash is removed weekly on Sundays.


There is a Receptionist desk at the door that is perfect for signing in for an audition.  The lounge or the smaller room make great waiting rooms while the auditions take place in the large room.


Chairs, Tables, Accessories

There are 3 light weight, white cosco tables – One 8 foot and Two 6 foot


There are 24 cloth covered blue, armless, steel frame chairs; 2 cloth covered red armed steel framed chairs, 8 white plastic chairs and several more folding chairs.


We have 1 music stand, a paper cutter, a copier, a wrought iron/wood park bench and a cd player.

We have small fans available if needed.   


There is a card table and a drop leaf table in the Small studio along with an upright piano.


 The furniture can be moved from room to room (with the exception of the piano) but it must be returned from whence it came.



Rental Rates


Regular rental rates begin at $15.00/hour,

and are determined by number of hours required and project budget.

Call 214-630-7722 or email: for more information.

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